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Toy Trade Holland stands for quality and safety. We do our utmost to supply a as good and safe as possible product. Accidents will, however, happen. Please observe the following tips to avoid accidents.

Shock-absorbing surface (private use) If children could fall down from a height more than 1 meter, we recommend you to purchase a good shock-absorbing surface. A layer of at least 30 cm will be sufficient. Woodchips, river sand or bark can be used to surround the playground equipment (min. 1,5 meter distance). Besides, standard rubber tiles or grass can be used for situations in which your child might fall down from less than 1 meter. It is important to maintain this surface well and make sure there are no deep holes.

Points of interest during mounting Create at least 1,5 meter free space around the playground equipment. Make sure no other equipment, fences, terrace borders, garden furniture and/or trees are in the direct surroundings of the playground equipment. It is extremely important to properly secure the playground equipment to the ground and to read the instructions before use. In order to avoid you child’s head becomes stuck, holes between 10-23 cm are required. Sharp edges and chance of splinters should be avoided. Make sure the playground equipment is finished off properly and smoothly and your child’s clothes won’t get stuck in a split in a split, hole or V-shape.

Stability check In order to secure long-term safety, you must regularly (at least 1 x a year) check the spare parts which ensure the playground equipment’s motion (e.g. bolts and bearings). You can check the stability by regularly pushing and pulling the playground equipment. Toy Trade Holland offers you the possibility to order pile tips for your wooden playhouse, to ensure a stabile anchoring to the surface (suitable for Prestige-Garden Tree Hut and Bear County Wistler Park).  

Young children and playing outside We recommend you to always pay close attention to toddlers and pre-schoolers when playing outside. If a child needs help to get on a playground equipment, this playground equipment is not suitable for the age of this child.